09 Juni, 2022

Yana's Adventurous Journey, and Calm Before the Storm...

'Calm Before the Storm' is the title of Czech songwriter Yana's second single, out of her debut album project, recorded in a Dublin studio, involving a number of prominent Irish musicians.

This particular track was created with the help of two Vienna-based musicians, Claudia Heidegger (violin), and Shane Ó Fearghail (bodhrán). It catches your attention from the very first moments, with its soft, brooding, ambient string arrangement, which is then further added to by Yana's subtly expressive vocal. Emotive, and pensive, are perhaps good adjectives to describe the song. It provides us with a sense of what is to come from Yana's more recent session in Dublin, which has provided more fresh recordings for her coming album.

The road to recording these songs has been a remarkable one: During previous visits to Ireland as a music fan, Yana came to know, and became good friends with, Fergus O’Farrell (of Interference fame, and writer of the song 'Gold' in the film 'Once' featuring Glen Hansard). Fergus finally gave up his long struggle with Muscular Dystrophy in 2016, but Yana and many others amongst his friends, have continued to contribute to his legacy. Having witnessed this man's creativity and courage up close, certainly has contributed strongly to Yana's musical motivations. Her most recent return to Ireland happened as a musician in her own right, with a mission to record an album... (photo: Dave Keegan)

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