14 Mai, 2012

Johnny Dowd am 15. Mai im Chelsea

Wir übergeben wie gewohnt an den Meister himself, er weiß am besten, was in seinem Köpfchen vorgeht: “This album was originally titled ‘Regrets, I Have a Few,’ but by the time I finished it, I realized I had no regrets. The album is about girls and women I have known, imagined, or seen on TV. I love them all. I used a couple of old 60s drum machines on the album because my long-time drummer, Willie B, was unavailable at the time we were tracking. I intended to replace the machines with live drumming, but instead, I blended the two. Man versus machine. Man versus woman. Me in an endless, maddening conversation with myself. I used some great female vocalists to sweeten the album. Tracking with them was hilarious. I’m particularly proud of the sounds and feel we got on this record. I’m always trying to take the music I grew up with (blues and R&B) and filter them through my own experiences. Otis Redding as imagined by Sartre. I’ve been blessed over the years to always have a great band that can execute anything I can imagine. We share a common goal every time we play a show: to have as much fun as possible. So thanks to Mike Stark and Willie B. Of all my records, this one is by far the leanest. But probably not the meanest. I don’t think anyone was murdered in these songs.”

“There’s intense and there’s Johnny Dowd. He’s Nick Cave with a hangover. Hank’s lonesome whistle spat through Waits’s grinder, with Beefheart on the side, coming on like a flu-ridden Texan undertaker singing broken folk laments for a dead dog he never cared much for anyway.” — Peter Watts, Time Out London (Pressetext)

Di 15.05.2012: Johnny Dowd, Chelsea, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 29-30, 1080 Wien, 21h, Chelsea
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